Sunday, 14 March 2010

Network Troubleshooting

Note: This works for wired and wireless networks.
This covers the basics of - Network Troubleshooting, Problem Solving of Networks.
Occasionally, you will get "Server Not Found" message, which indicates that you have lost your network.
If you have lost your internet connectivity , do the following Basic-Network Troubleshooting:
1. Turn the power off on the cable modem. (Note: many cable modem s do not have a power switch, so just pull the power connection out from the back of the cable modem. Leave power off for 30 seconds. When you re-connect, wait until all the normal modem lights are on, then retry internet again.
2. If still no connection, then reboot your PC, and try internet connection again.
3. If no internet, then let's repair the internet connection . This step will clear ARP cache, renew IP address, etc. to reset the network connection.
click Repair Network Connection
4.If you still don't have the internet, then call your internet provider ( cable company) , or Telco, such as Verizon, and ask for internet service. Most will provide support at no extra charge. They will probably take you through some of these same steps, so just bear with them. They can also check to see if they have a service problem in your area. If after working with your internet service provider, they may tell you that you have "computer" problem. At this point, you should contact your local computer repair person.