Friday, 22 May 2009

Notebook/Laptop Service Center

Notebook/Laptop Service Center

We have been established since 11th June 1998.At the beginning we were always focusing to the computer software and hardware matters. Then since early the year of 2008 we had been choose to more focusing only just on Notebook/Laptop and CPU matters. We are repairing all any troubles of notebook or CPU such as: repair main board, LCD, any devices and etcetera.

So if you get any troubles on your notebook, just send messages or email.

Send messages to:
+62 815 692 4863
Send email to: or
Our webblog:
You can leave messages to our blog.

If you live nearby Pekalongan City and Batang Regency, you can directly visit our address.

Do not hesitate to send messages, if you have any question about us.