Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do starts deserve high salary?

Everyone needs money to support his family and enjoy life. I believe that is one of the most important reasons why people go to work. While an average person just earns basic salary, some athletes and entertainers earn millions of rupiah every year. Why is that so? Do these people deserve such high salaries?
Before answering these questions, let me ask you another question, where did your salaries come from?
From our employers. Right! Those famous athlete and entertainers made a lot of money for their own employers. Because their skills and achievements on some specific sports or entertainments, other people would like to pay money to watch them playing games or acting in movies. This is part of nature of human beings. From this aspect, they earned what they got. They deserve what they earned.
In addition, usually those athletes and movies starts have some special talents in a a certain area. Athletes are experts at some specific sports, such as baseball, basketball, football and so on. Movie starts are good performance art. Average people cannot reach that level, no matter how hard they try. People who watch their game or movies can obtain happy experiences and enjoyments, which can enrich people's life and benefit people's health. Without sports and movies, our life would be much boring and less pleasant.
Furthermore, those famous people sacrifice something to get what they have. For example, almost all athletes suffer from injures because of heavy trainings and physical competition to win the games. Movie stars have to face the fact that the average people are not only interested in their movies, but also interested in their personal lives. This is also integral part of human beings.
Do not jealous of those famous athletes or entertainers, although we all admire the millions of rupiah they made. They have talents, they made us happy and they sacrificed something, either injury or privacy. They earned their own paycheck.