Sunday, 26 August 2012

Apakah benar rumor Neil Armstrong seorang muslim?

In the following some statements about this issue, authorised by Mr. Armstrong, to speak on his behalf.

                                          NEIL A. ARMSTRONG
                                          LEBANON, OHIO 45036

                                          July 14,1983

Mr. Phil Parshall Director
Asian Research Center
International Christian
Fellowship 29524 Bobrich
Livonia, Michigan 48152

Dear Mr. Parshall:

Mr. Armstrong has asked me to reply to your letter and
to thank you for the courtesy of your inquiry.

The reports of his conversion to Islam and of hearing
the voice of Adzan on the moon and elsewhere are all

Several publications in Malaysia, Indonesia and other
countries have published these reports without verifi-
cation. We apologize for any inconvenience that this
incompetent journalism may have caused you.

Subsequently, Mr. Armstrong agreed to participate in a
telephone interview, reiterating his reaction to these
stories. I am enclosing copies of the United States
State Department's communications prior to and after
that interview.


                              Vivian White
                              Administrative Aide