Sunday, 30 November 2008

Around the World By Motorcycle

Around the World By Motorcycle

My Name Falentino Eka Laksana Putra, I was born at 11th July 1978 in Pekalongan City, Central Java Province, Indonesia. I have a dream since at high school is around the world by motorcycle. I have been work as civil servant for 11 years and have a computer business in Pekalongan. Although I have a work and a business, I still want go around the world. I am so like adventure, learning other culture and make many friends. And I will come to my entire friend at his/her country.

I can speak English fluently and can speak Japanese although just little.
To make my dream come true, I should find sponsor from any company or institution and support from all my friends. If I have get enough money and many sponsor, as soon as I will make around the world.

I am waiting any company or institution, who likes to sponsor and support me. I try to make around the world by motorcycle alone, need 4-5 years.